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Welcome to The Mesa Amateur Radio Club. Located in Mesa, Arizona, United States of America | Grid: DM43el

New Ham Training


The question keeps popping up.  When is our next class that is geared towards New or Potential New Hams. The short answer is, all of our meetings are geared towards everyone.  However, there are certain type of meetings that work well towards the new hams. Tomorrow, August 23rd, we will be going over some very […]

Meeting Tomorrow night

There WILL be a meeting tomorrow, August 23rd at 6:30pm.   Topic will be N1MM software. Also, bring your HT’s down.  We will go over some programming, and demonstrate some programming of HT’s.

AZ QSO Party Campout Update

New Update on our AZ QSO party camp out. There will be a $25 fee to attend.  This is to help offset the cost of the campground.  This will be per family. Also, make sure you bring your HT’s and Mobile radios along with you.  Training will be about the Wilderness protocols and Simplex Operations. […]

Club Meeting August 23rd Agenda

Agenda for the next meeting is: N1MM overview From Install, to using   Programming HT’s and using Chirp Software. Make Sure you bring your HT’s.  We will go over a brief intro on how to program your HT using the Chirp Software.

New Venue for AZ QSO Party


Update to our AZ QSO party.  We will be using a new venue.  This campground is 23 miles North of Globe on the US 60.  It’s before you get to the Salt River canyon.  So if you get to the canyon…you have gone to far. However, this campground is fairly easy to find.  One issue, […]

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